A look at education today:  Where we are & where we are headed.  Whether you have children in the school or not, our look at education will surprise you.  We've looked at alternative education methods, systems from other countries, early childhood education, local systems, and methodology that we have only dreamed about. 

Heritage Industries

Tradition: today & tomorrow.  A look at how fishing, boat building and other traditional economic drivers are fairing in today's world as well as how they have had to change to meet the needs of an ever changing business environment.

Program Days

Each day is devoted to the study and discussion of issues pertinent to the cultural and economic climate of the Midcoast Region. Personal development and leadership enhancement will also be a focus throughout the program year, broadening participants’ abilities as leaders in our community.  

Sessions are led by experts in each topic area, employing action-oriented group activities including issue-based experiential learning.  Case studies and field trips are among the tools participants will use in pursuit of regional leadership.  

Monthly sessions are scheduled from 8:00 to 4:30 from September to June.


Sessions are held at various locations in the Midcoast Region during the year. If chosen, participants agree to attend all sessions.    We realize that occasional unavoidable   conflicts will arise, but graduation will be dependent on near perfect attendance.  LEAP and the Graduation program days are mandatory.

Arts, Culture & the Creative Economy

Exploring creativity. We've all heard about it, but what does the Creative Economy really encompass, how does it affect us, and what are we doing in the Midcoast to sustain it?


We don't believe in "retreating," so we decided to LEAP (Leadership Experiences, Activities & Practices) into the program year.  This One and a half day (mandatory) session is designed to lay the groundwork for a year of learning and team building.

Health & Human Services

A look at the complexities of the systems.  From the Affordable Healthcare Act to mental health services, from senior care to assisting families in need, Health and Human services are in the news daily.  Gaining a better understanding of the intricacies of these systems is vital to creating change.  

The Justice System

Understanding the challenges of today's legal world.  Interconnected with education, mental health, substance abuse, and healthcare, the Justice System deeply affects us all, in spite of the fact that few of us interact with it much beyond an occasional parking ticket. .

Building a Network of Informed, Committed, and Engaged Community Leaders

Personal Skills Development

Programs days incorporate leadership skills enhancement in topics such as: • Self-Assessment •  • Leadership vs Management • Group Problem Solving • Building Coalitions • Leading Change  • Mentoring • Ethics •Telling our Stories

State Government

How it impacts our daily lives & how we impact it.  Politicians and lobbyists; republicans, democrats and independents:  We love to complain about them!  Our day in Augusta brings us closer to the process, and you never know just who we might run into!  You just might get the chance to tell someone what you think, and you just might gain a few insights into what drives "the other side." .

Conservation & the Environment

Mountains, sea, lakes, and farmland:  The midcoast has it all.  These are at the heart of why many of us move here or continue to live here.  These drive the economy and our community development.  Looking at how we interact with the environment and delving into the efforts and collaborations of many organizations to protect, conserve, and appropriately use our resources is the focus of this program day..

Local Government

Community planning and our daily lives. Thinking globally and acting locally:  our municipal government is where the rubber hits the road.  From planning boards to select boards to economic development, from elected officials to community volunteers, how we live, work, and play is greatly impacted by actions taken by our local government.  Gaining a greater understanding of how it functions is integral to effectively leading within our communities.