Our classes have been hosted over the years by many organizations throughout Knox and Waldo Counties, providing us with the opportunity to broaden our knowledge of the local area:

Belfast: Hutchinson Center, Waldo County General Hospital, Belfast Library, Athena Health, Waldo County YMCA, Belfast City Hall   Camden: Watershed School, Camden Opera House
Rockland: Maine Lighthouse Museum, Knox County Jail, Island Institute, O’Hara Sons / Journey’s End Marina, Sail Power and Steam Museum, Lincoln Street Center, FMC   Rockport: Penbay Medical Center, Maine Media Workshops   Lincolnville: Cellardoor Winery   Unity: Unity College Center for Performing Arts Augusta: State House; Maine State Museum   Searsport: Penobscot Marine Museum

Building a Network of Informed, Committed, and Engaged Community Leaders

MLA Sponsors

Sponsorships are available at many levels, from Lead Sponsor (sponsoring the full year) to Program Sponsors (sponsoring specific program days) to Event Sponsors (sponsoring special events during the year).

Our partners are the most important part of our program (next to our participants, that is).  From sponsors to hosts to program leaders and facilitators -- they each help us experience the Midcoast, delve into the issues that affect our community, and reach within ourselves to further develop our leadership skills.

Community and Leadership Partners

Drawing from a wide range of community and leadership experts, our participants are exposed to a diversity of backgrounds, opinions, and expertise.  The following is a sampling of of those who have joined us:

Skills Building & Personal Development: Dr. Jim Patterson, Hutchinson Center Founding Director; Jane Haskell, University of Maine; Jean Belair, Belair & Assoc.; Greg Worden, Worden Assoc.; Carole Martin; Bob Gordon, Brimstone Consulting; Dela Taylor, Nuf Sed.

Local Government:  Town Managers Joe Slocum (Belfast), Richard Bates (Rockport), James Gillway (Searsport); Planning & Community Development:  Brian Hodges (Camden); Tom Ford (Rockport), Camden Selectman, Martin Cates; Valli Geiger, Rockland Mayor.

State Government:  Sen. Chris Rector, Rep. Chuck Kruger, Sen. Emily Cain, Rep. Pinney Beebe-Center; Sen President Mike Thibodeau; House Majority Leader Erin Herbig.

Creative Economy: Charles Altschul, Maine Media College, Chris Brownawell,  Farnsworth Art Museum; Kimberly Callas, Belfast Creative Coalition; Meg Weston, Maine Media College & Workshops; Monica Kelly, Bay Chamber Concerts; Martha Piscucas, Waterfall Arts

Healthcare and Human Services:  Eric Waters (Pen Bay Healthcare); Eric Fredericks, Coastal Healthcare Alliance

Education:  Alan Hinsey, Many Flags; Will Galloway, Watershed School; Glenda Plaisted, Riley School; Heather Perry, Superindendant, RSU 3

Lumber and Lobster: John Piotti, Maine Farmland Trust; JB Turner, Front Street Shipyard; Frank O'Hara, F.J O'Hara & Sons; Shey Connover, Island Institute; Jim Sharp, Sail Power and Steam Museum

Our Unique Community:  Betinna Doulton, Cellardoor Winery; Steve Lyons, Maine Dept. of Tourism;

Justice System:  Linda Hersey, Juvenile Probation Officer; Sheriff Donna Dennison, Knox County; Steve Peterson, Attorney